Immunity from Infection vs Vaccination

Recently a study from Israel showed that vaccinated people had a 5.96 fold increased risk for infections and a 7.13 fold increased risk for symptomatic disease compared to those who had previous Covid-19 infections and were unvaccinated. However, there are many limitations in this particular study, which I will outline below. Limitations: 1- There were

What is ADE?

Collab post with the amazing Science Whiz Liz ADE stands for Antibody Dependant Enhancement. ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a disease causing pathogen, but instead of fighting it, the antibodies help it to get into cells easier and cause worse disease. Typically, antibodies bind to the

What’s my comfort level?

Many of you have asked for my personal comfort level on various activities. I’ve put together this list based on the current situation, but of course this is going to depend heavily on what is happening in your city/province/state especially fraction of population vaccinated and community spread. This also aligns with my own risk threshold,

Got Covid? Get Vaccinated.

Got Covid? Get vaccinated. Here’s why: 1- Unvaccinated people who had a prior Covid-19 infection are 2.34x more likely to be reinfected with Covid-19 than people who are fully vaccinated (1). This is based on a case-controlled study by the CDC, where they assessed the vaccination status of those reinfected during May–June 2021 and compared

What is science?

1- The only absolute in science is that there are no absolutes. Science evolves, and with that, our knowledge. When we know better, we do better. 2- Therefore what feels like health bodies flip flopping is merely the fact that policy is always playing catch-up with science. This is exacerbated during a pandemic because science

Covid – children and risks

Singlehandedly the most brilliant article on children and risks by Science-Based Medicine Dr Jonathan Howard. Key points: 1- Fallacy of minimizing harms 2- Contrast facts and totality of evidence 1- Fallacy of minimizing one harm by pointing out a more severe harm is called ‘fallacy of relative privation’. This tactic has been used often to