Vaccine Efficacy Comparisons Between Alpha and Delta Variants

Very helpful article summarizing the data in Financial Times today. On preventing symptomatic infection, early data from real-world studies in the UK in May found two doses of Pfizer were 88% effective against Delta. Similar analyses in Scotland showed 79% effectiveness. In Canada, preliminary analyses estimated that Pfizer was 87% effective at preventing infection with

Myocarditis After mRNA Vaccines

Myocarditis collab with my friend Dr. Elisabeth Marnik. We have summarized all the info that is available thus far on the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis with the mRNA vaccines per CDC ACIP’s briefing this week. This far, the CDC maintains that the benefits outweigh the risks. We will continue to update as more information

Mixing AstraZeneca and mRNA Vaccines

1/ Protection after two doses The most important decision is to get second dose: stronger + longer lasting protection. Two doses of AZ effective at preventing serious illness from OG Covid-19 + early variants. Early studies show good immune response when Moderna/Pfizer used as second dose. 2/ Protection against new variants Delta variant spreading quickly.