NACI guidance on vaccine spacing

As a precaution, NACI previously recommended that Covid-19 vaccines should be given at least 28 days before and 14 days after other vaccines. However, after reviewing new data and extensive experience, NACI has determined that this is no longer necessary.

NACI now recommends that:

COVID-19 vaccines may be given at the same time as, or any time before or after, other vaccines, including live, non-live, adjuvanted or unadjuvanted vaccines.

This is consistent with many local and international health bodies guidance as well, such as the CDC. Will be especially critical during the upcoming Influenza season to ensure we are able to quickly and efficiently vaccinate everyone.

While studies are still ongoing, thus far, it appears that for most widely used vaccines, seroconversion rates (development of antibodies) are similar to that when the vaccines are administered separately.

No specific safety concerns have been identified when routine vaccines are given at the same time or within days of each other; however, there is a possibility of increased temporary side effects (also known as reactogenicity).

Important to consider whether a person is behind on recommended vaccines, the risk of a vaccine-preventable disease and the reactogenicity profile of the vaccines.

If multiple vaccines are administered at a single visit, the recommendation is to administer each in a different injection site. If possible, administration on the same day is preferred to vaccines being given within a few days of each other.