Ontario Vaccine Effectiveness Data

This week’s installment of Vaccines Work, Very Well brought to you by hot off the press data from Ontario by the Canadian Immunization Research Network. Study by the Canadian Immunization Research Network on vaccine effectiveness against Delta and Omicron: 1- Booster doses significantly bumps up effectiveness against symptomatic infections even for Omicron. 2- Vaccine effectiveness

Pediatric Covid vs Influenza

There is no doubt that influenza is a very troublesome virus. Children younger than 5 years old and those with certain risk factors are at a high risk of developing serious influenza-related complications. However, to claim that Covid-19 is less severe than influenza is a fallacy. Data proves otherwise. Covid-19 has caused a devastating number

4th Doses for Immunocompromised

PSA: Booster (4th doses) for those immunocompromised. In Canada, those who are moderately to severely immunocompromised and qualify for a three-dose primary series are eligible to receive a booster (4th dose), regardless of which vaccines they received for their 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose. In Ontario, they are eligible to get a booster 4th dose