Vaccines Work. Yes, even against Omicron

There are still so many people trying to say that vaccines don’t work. Many of these people are using unadjusted numbers or other false information to make these claims.

In today’s post I team up with Science Whiz Liz to address these claims with a few different data sets.

The first two are summaries of data released last week by the CDC. These show that vaccines reduce risk of infection, ER visits, urgent care visits and hospitalization.

Then we also show data from NYC and British Columbia, Canada showing similar results.

All this data shows that COVID-19 vaccines very much still reduce the risk of infections, hospitalization and death, even against Omicron. While efficacy against infections is lower against Omicron, there is a high degree of protection against severe illness and hospitalization.Getting boosted further reduces the risk of having severe illness or being hospitalized significantly

Bottom line? Vaccines work. Please get vaccinated or, if eligible, boosted.