Pediatric Covid vs Influenza

There is no doubt that influenza is a very troublesome virus. Children younger than 5 years old and those with certain risk factors are at a high risk of developing serious influenza-related complications.

However, to claim that Covid-19 is less severe than influenza is a fallacy. Data proves otherwise.

Covid-19 has caused a devastating number of pediatric deaths in the last 22 months. Public health measures have also successfully obliterated influenza-related pediatric deaths in this time period – so had we not employed public health measures, Covid-19 related deaths would have been even higher.

PS: influenza years are not calendar years (ie they donโ€™t go from Jan to Dec). This is because an influenza year resets in August (which is why you have new annual vaccines come out around then). A peak influenza season typically begins in October of one year and continues into April of the following year.

Source (USA CDC):