Got Covid? Get Vaccinated.

Got Covid? Get vaccinated. Here’s why:

1- Unvaccinated people who had a prior Covid-19 infection are 2.34x more likely to be reinfected with Covid-19 than people who are fully vaccinated (1). This is based on a case-controlled study by the CDC, where they assessed the vaccination status of those reinfected during May–June 2021 and compared that with who were not reinfected.

2- Robust data to show that Covid-19 vaccines induce higher antibody levels compared to Covid-19 infections. In one study, those who received two doses of an mRNA vaccine have up to 10 times higher antibody titers than convalescent plasma from people who recovered from Covid-19 infection (2). In another study people who were vaccinated after natural infections had 100x higher neutralizing antibodies against Beta variant than than after natural infection alone (3).

3- Immune response to natural infection is not consistent and may not induce sufficient levels of antibodies. We also have no idea how quickly immunity post infection wanes. Some people with mild Covid-19 infections are also thought to not have a robust, long-lasting immune response after infection (4). Subsequent vaccination in people who recovered from Covid-19 showed higher antibody levels after a dose of vaccination. Studies have also shown that a single dose of mRNA vaccine in those with prior infections resulted in similar antibody responses as after two-doses administered to those who have never had a prior covid-19 infection (5).

Current recommendations (6,7):-

– Wait until you have recovered from the acute symptoms of Covid-19 infection before getting vaccinated

– If you were treated with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, wait 90 days

– If you developed MIS-A or MIS-C due to Covid-19 infection, wait 90 days after diagnosis

– A complete series is recommended by both CDC and NACI