Covid-19 vaccines are fully approved in Canada.

Did you know? The Covid-19 vaccines are fully approved in Canada.

– Canada used the Interim Order pathway to approve the Covid-19 vaccines

– The Interim Order is a new pathway for any Covid-19 drugs, vaccines or innovations

– The rationale is to make the approval process more efficient and timely, such as by allowing rolling reviews- Rolling reviews allows for data to be submitted to Health Canada for review as it becomes available

– A full, thorough review is still conducted under the Interim Order, as is post-market surveillance of approved productsIt’s definitely confusing.

– Once the Interim Order pathway expires, any drug that will still need to be in market for Covid-19 will simply transition to NOC, a fairly streamlined process. But it doesn’t mean the vaccines are not fully approved right now. This is simply a process technicality and not a basis to claim that the vaccines are ‘experimental’ or ‘not approved’.