Vaccine Infographics – Were the Vaccines Fast-tracked?

Never in history have we gone from identifying a pathogen to creating and disseminating a safe and effective vaccine in under a year, however, we have not done a good job of explaining how we have been able to utilize scientific innovation without compromising on safety. Terms such as ‘Operation Warp Speed’ have not helped with hesitancy. Decades of mistrust towards pharmaceutical companies have also exacerbated this.

But in reality, scientific innovation is what has helped us so far! Countries and companies across the world have banded together and collaborated in a way we simply haven’t in the past. Health agencies have prioritized Covid-19 treatments by redeploying all staff to work on Covid-19 related efforts. None of this occurred at the expense of safety, and due diligence was absolutely done in the trials. This infographic explains some of these concepts. 

Updated Feb 24, 2021